Mezyan Survey Works L.L.C.

Mezyan Survey Works L.L.C.
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Specialist in all types of Land Survey Services, Mapping & Drafting Provided for entire types of construction projects as below.

Frequently Handled Projects
  1. Infrastructure such as Roads, various types of Pipelines, Buildings, Towers, Villas, Hospital, Schools.
  2. Mountain and Harbours.
  3. Railways, Metro and Airports.
  4. Marine and water canals.
  5. Stock Volume Computation.
  6. Pilling and Vibro (Geo Solution projects).
  7. Rock Pitching (Slope Protection).
  8. Electricity Lines.
  9. Oil and Gas fields projects for onshore and off shore.
  10. Many more types of projects.
Frequently Used Survey Services
  1. Establishing Bench Marks.
  2. Topographic Survey or original Ground Level Survey (OGL).
  3. Ground Profile.
  4. Setting out as per approved drawing and site engr. instruction.
  5. Traverse Survey.
  6. Scale Factor calculation and adjustment.
  7. As Built Survey.
  8. Demarcation
  9. Underground services scanning
  10. soil testing and CPT.
  11. CAD drawings
  12. Volume Computation and data handling.
  13. Inspection and liason with Consultant.
  14. 3rd party Surveying.
  15. Many more….
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